This is Us


2021-2024 Strategy


The 2020/2021 Academic year saw the development of our next strategy, the guiding principles and priorities for us as a Union. The strategy embodies the voices of students (in all shapes and sizes!) Union and University staff, volunteers, trustees and governors who responded to our consultation. It was co-authored by a staff and student group and received endorsement in December 2020 by Student Council to proceed to approval with our Trustee Board. Until the Strategy receives its final approval we wont be sharing a draft; but we are hopeful to share this with you in Term 2 ahead of its launch in September 2021.


What will be different because of this strategy?


Better Union

We will have sorted ourselves out, reducing where we waste tim, effort and money to re-focus on being great. We will invest in students to create future leaders and future Union ambition stopping the reliance on staff to get the job done.




Better University

The University will see us as contenders, we’ll be invited to the table to discuss what matters most to our students because they will not be able to do it without us. By sharing our insight and knowledge we will re-build a relationship that genuinely benefits students.



Better Northampton

Our town will welcome us and know we aren’t here to make trouble. We’ll invest in our community where resources allow to share our skill, passion and reach. We will contribute towards reducing the town and gown gap and we’ll do it proudly.



Better Society

Our students will leave us knowing who they are and what they are capable of. We’ll show them what it means to put that to good use and the impact it will have on their world. We will support addressing wider society issues through our campaigning and lobbying an we certainly won’t condone barriers of bias’ that make our society a tough place for some.



Whilst we wait for the final strategy to be approved and as we navigate a National Lockdown it would be easy for us to do nothing because so much feels uncertain. But that's not who we are and it is not what we want for our students, volunteers and staff. So for the next term:

  • We will continue to support students as we always have, through our wonderful, independent Advice Service, via our Academic Representation, through supporting our Sports Clubs and Societies, giving you opportunities to exercise and socialise, supporting students to come together both socially and safely.
  • We will invest in learning more about our students and our university, listening to concerns and representing students, so we can pull together in support of students having the best time (in the weirdest of times) whilst at University.
  • We will build our online capability so students do not have to physically visit us if they do not want to, or cannot.