Mission and Values


Mission and Values

The Students' Union seeks to be recognised by all of our members as an integral part of their student life while at the University of Northampton.

We are committed to ensuring that students have a positive, quality experience at the University and of the Union's services, such as our retail outlets, bars, Sports, Societies and Volunteering Projects. In addition, we want to provide opportunities for students to further their own development and enhance their employability skills, whether acting as a volunteer, a Committee Member of one of our student groups or as a paid, part-time member of our Student Staff Team.

Ultimately, it is our mission to represent, inspire and support our members to proactively shape an outstanding student journey and, to do so, in a manner that is in keeping with our values.

The Union has several such values, which are explained below:


  • Caring

    We put our students first, supporting them at every stage of their journey.


  • Inspiring

    We use our unique relationship with our student members to inspire them to achieve their goals.


  • United

    We unify our student members around their common causes to produce shared benefits.


  • Student-Owned

    The organisation is led by our student members, driven by student decisions and is accountable to them for everything it does.


  • Respectful

    We celebrate our differences; by respecting the diversity of our student membership, staff and other stakeholders, we cultivate an inclusive community.


  • Bold

    We will be clear and decisive in our decisions, confident in our views and courageous in our actions.


  • Relevant

    We will always strive to understand the needs of the broader student membership, revising our approach to improve our offer.


You can find out more about how we seek to address this mission, while adhering to our values, by reading our Strategy.