Nominations NOW CLOSED!!

(Shortlist coming soon!)

Students are asked to nominate against the following criteria:

  1. How well the nomination fulfils the essence of the award;
  2. How the nominee's contribution impacted upon the individual student's experience and/or the wider and future student body.

The comments and best practice you share with us are passed on to the University. And, if your nomination is shortlisted for an award, you will be invited to join the nominated staff member at the 2019 STaR Awards ceremony!

There are seven categories to nominate in:


Outstanding Lecturer of The Year

The Faculty Lecturer of the Year who is deemed by the student panel to have made the most exceptional impact to their students.


Faculty Lecturer of the Year (one per Faculty)

This is awarded to the lecturer within the Faculty who has consistently shown enthusiasm and passion for their subject area and facilitated an excellent, personalised teaching and learning experience.

This could be:

  • A lecturer who has shown consistent dedication to enhancing teaching and learning through an Active Blended Learning approach and Technology-Enhanced Learning;
  • A lecturer who is passionate and enthusiastic about their subject area, seeking to inspire and challenge students to develop their knowledge and creativity;
  • A lecturer who has supported the development of students beyond the acquisition of knowledge, showing dedication to the enhancement of employability and Changemaker skills, including exceptional support of work-based placements;
  • A lecturer who has provided invaluable, supportive, formative feedback to guide students in the development of assessments and academic skills;
  • A lecturer who encourages collaboration to enable students to learn from their peers and support each other in both face-to-face sessions and the online environment;
  • A supervisor who has supported not only the development of your dissertation, but provided continuous support to your skills development and academic progression;
  • Someone who has provided invaluable and supportive academic feedback, in both content and delivery method, which supports the students to develop and excel in their academic work.

You can see who has been shortlisted HERE soon


Personal Academic Tutor of the Year

The Personal Academic Tutor of the Year is awarded to a lecturer who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to providing ongoing support to students. The lecturer has shown dedication to students' wellbeing, as well as their academic progression. They are respectful, resourceful and supportive.

This may be by:

  • Providing a wide range of support such as academic, pastoral, administrative or career support;
  • Making themselves accessible to their students and willing to dedicate adequate amounts of time to supporting students, either for the duration of their degree or during a short-term issue;
  • Making an exceptional contribution to the wellbeing of their students by raising awareness or providing support for them to access services they need, including signposting to relevant internal/external services;
  • Proactively engaging with their personal tutees, promoting engagement and identifying when support is required with either personal, academic or social development;
  • Supporting the development of the student community to promote a sense of belonging;
  • Supporting students who are not their allocated tutees, but have recognised the need for support.

You can see who has been shortlisted HERE soon.


Innovative and Tech-savvy Lecturer of the Year

This award recognises lecturers who have shown innovation in their teaching methods in both digital and classroom environments, so enhancing the learning experience and encouraging active participation.

This could be by:

  • Encouraging increased engagement with the subject material through new and exciting teaching methods and resources;
  • Innovative use of digital technology to support teaching and learning in the classroom;
  • Innovative use of NILE and other online resources to promote Active Blended Learning through collaboration between students and tutors;
  • Innovative use of online discussion tools to create a sense of community;
  • Teaching in such a way that students feel greater engagement as a result of the methods used and are encouraged to remain focused/interested in the learning materials;
  • Utilising a variety of innovative teaching methods, both online and in the classroom, to challenge students and promote engagement.

You can see who has been shortlisted HERE soon.


Support Staff of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding contributions of a non-academic member of staff who has offered significant support to students. It can be awarded to any non-teaching member of staff, including Administrators, Facilities, Library Services, IT Department, Accommodation Services, Changemaker Hub, Student Services or any other support role within the University.

This can be by:

  • Encouraging personal/skills development or inspiration;
  • Offering exceptional support, advice and signposting;
  • Showing excellent understanding of students' needs and providing individually-tailored support;
  • Responding quickly to requests from students for support and advice;
  • Supporting students beyond the expectations of their role;
  • Continuously offering help and support to enhance a student's experience.

You can see who has been shortlisted HERE soon.


Advancement of Equality and Diversity Award

This is awarded to the University member of staff who has made the greatest contribution to the advancement of equality, diversity and inclusion within the University.

This could be by:

  • Developing and supporting initiatives to advance equality and diversity, such as events, conferences, guest speakers or supporting campaigns;
  • Encouraging equal participation across the student body;
  • Actively raising awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion, and encouraging debate and discussion within these areas;
  • The diversification of the curriculum to acknowledge issues of equality and diversity, and how this impacts upon theory and practice;
  • Showing commitment to ensuring that education materials are accessible to all students;
  • Developing inclusive teaching and learning resources which reflect the diverse society in which we live;
  • Tailoring the curriculum and teaching methods to meet the needs of all students, including those with individual needs.

You can see who has been shortlisted HERE soon.


Course Advocate of the Year

Nominated by either a University member of staff or a fellow student, this is awarded to the elected Course Advocate who has actively worked in partnership with their academics and/or others to secure positive, student-led change that has made a real difference to both staff and students, either within their course or across the wider student body.

You can see who has been shortlisted HERE soon.


Faculty Advocate of the Year

Nominated by either a University member of staff, a fellow student or Course Advocate, this is awarded to the Faculty Advocate, who has made an exceptional difference to others' experiences through an outstanding contribution to their Faculty, a University Department, Service or campaign. The individual will also have created a student-led change that has made a real difference, either within their Faculty or across the wider student body.

You can see who has been shortlisted HERE soon.