Postgraduate Representation Elections (University Committees)


Nominations open: 5pm Wednesday 5th December 2018

Nominations close: 5pm on Wednesday 12th December 2018;

Voting opens: 5pm on Thursday 13th December 2018 (open for 24 hours);

Voting closes: 5pm on Friday 14th December 2018

Results published: Monday 17th December 2018 on our website and all nominees will be informed of the results.



Nominations are now closed!


VOTING OPENS at 5pm Thursday 13th December 2018






Candidates Reason for nominating themselves

Research Degrees Committee Representative

Shalini Bisani

To communicate the needs of the PGRs to the RDC, and gain an understanding of the work of the RDC.

Research and Enterprise Committee Representative

Imane Tiahi

I am Imane Tiahi, a PhD student in the school of education and humanities and this year I am running to be your Postgraduate Officer! I ‘ve been at University of Northampton for 4 years- two years I have represented the International Students, I helped to organise events with different societies such as: buddy scheme, meditation etc. As an International Students’ Officer, I have attended the NUS conference “students of the world” where I have achieved to make students’ voice heard. If elected, the key points I will work on are:

I. Improving the Postgraduate Association
 A PGR website to detail all the events and campaigns, to raise awareness about mental health that PGR student may face.
 Establish a regular programme of events, trips and socials including speed networking, weekend sessions, discussion groups, trips to local areas.
 Establish a space for feedback on the work of the PG officer and raise issues discussed by our committees Council reps.
 Weekly Coffee in Waterside Restaurant drop-ins during vacations, to ensure that the Postgraduate voice is still heard when the SU is shut.
 Organise a postgraduate conference giving Research students the opportunity to present their work.
 Encourage the PGR to participate in activities of SU.

II. Postgraduate Teaching
 Improving PGR teaching conditions by holding regular drop-in sessions for Postgraduate Teachers to ensure that their concerns can be addressed and we can approach the university with evidence.
 Giving the international PGR’s the opportunity to teach and gain experience they need at the University of Northampton.
 Fostering a good connection with supervisors in order to construct strong professional.

III. Meeting space
 Creating a PGR hub for the weekly discussions
 There is currently a shortage of core textbooks in the library. I would like to see a stock of textbooks in the PG hub or research work-space office.

Science RDB - Faculty of Health & Society Representative

Charlotte Brookes

Having recently gone through transfer with a last minute decision to go for a PhD as opposed to MPhil, I understand first hand the variety of research student experiences and feel qualified to represent the diverse needs of students.

I am approachable which is crucial to building rapport with other PGR students and I am eager to help to continue to build a PGR community. Since the move to the Waterside Campus I have felt included and valued as a research student and I have been able to build interdisciplinary relationships due to the PGR space and the work the current representatives have done. This is something I wish for all students to feel to enhance their experience and something I would like to help facilitate.



Please note: The Students' Union only facilitates the election of representatives for University Committees and, as such, the elected representatives do not form part of the official Students' Union Structures. Should you require more information about a committee, please contact the Postgraduate Research Manager, David Watson.

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