Flexitol Tomorrow’s Podiatry Awards

22nd June 2020

Flexitol Tomorrow’s Podiatry Awards

We are delighted to announce the University of Northampton Podiatry Society have been nominated for a Flexitol Tomorrow’s Podiatry Award in the Society of the Year Category supported by AA Podiatry. We would also like to congratulate Catriona Doyle and Ektaa Vadgama for being nominated for the Student of the Year award and Paul Fletcher for his nomination in the Educator of the Year category. This is a fantastic achievement!

The Tomorrow’s Podiatrist Awards are the first Podiatry focused awards that recognise the outstanding contributions of those who have enhanced the student experience as well as recognising those students who go above and beyond. The awards are split into five categories and aim to capture and celebrate all aspects that influence and shape students during their studies; they are; Student of the Year, the Student Leadership award, Society of the Year, Educator of the Year and Inspirational Podiatrist of the Year.

The Society of the Year award recognises the student-run society that has worked to improve the academic or student experience for their members across the whole academic year. This may hosting fundraisers, organising a variety of socials, offering opportunities for CV-enhancing experiences, promoting podiatry or looking out for student wellbeing, this award is for the society that has consistently provided members with great experiences over the year across all areas.

The Podiatry Society have done incredible work for students, organising study sessions to help each other using different learning methods to suit each individual. The society also have a group chat to support each other during COVID-19 and have organised a student check-in chat once a week. The group have successfully had guest speakers such as Jonathon Small who talked about private practice for third year students, exploring the costs associated with starting out in private practice and ways to diversify what there is to offer. The society also have interest for three other guest speakers for the next academic year and they hope to attend conferences such as the foot health conference in Kettering, Northamptonshire. 

The winners will be revealed on Thursday 2nd July at 7pm on The Tomorrow Podiatry Awards Facebook page decided by a judging panel. Good Luck and congratulations for being nominated for an award!