STaR Awards FAQs

8th March 2020

STaR Awards FAQs

What are STaR Awards?

STaR Awards is an annual award ceremony which celebrates teaching and representation across the University of Northampton and the Students’ Union. Awards such as Outstanding Lecturer of the Year appreciates the work and teaching of lecturers across the university. Student awards like Course and Faculty Advocate of the Year award endorses student interactions and shapes educational voice at the University. 

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate for STaR Awards. Students can nominate for anyone that has had an influence on them. This could be your lecturer or your Personal Academic Tutor (PAT). Students can also vote for a non-lecturer who has supported them throughout their university journey. This is called the Non-Teaching Award and promotes the hard work support staff do across the university. 

Staff can vote in Two Categories:
Course Advocate of the Year
Faculty Advocate of the Year

How do you nominate?

Students can nominate via this link -
Staff can nominate via this link –

Just find the category you want to propose a nomination for and explain why your chosen nomination should win their respective award. You can make as many nominations as you want.

Who can attend STaR Awards?

STaR Awards is attended by University Officials including the Vice Chancellor and Governors. Anyone that is shortlisted for an award will also be invited to the event. Course Advocates are invited along with their nominated lecturer. Student Faculty Advocates, incoming and current Sabbatical Officers are also invited.

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