Sports Awards Winners 2020

4th May 2020

Sports Awards Winners 2020

What an incredible year it’s been for Northampton Student Sports Clubs! With thousands of money raised for charity, trophies, medals and big wins in BUCS and out of BUCS alike, and 2 new clubs officially joining our community (with more to come), it’s been one to remember for sure. 

Read on to find out about this year’s Sports Awards winners, and why they deserved their wins! Congratulations to everybody and all the teams and clubs that were nominated this year. 

Changemaker Award – this award goes to the individual or club that embraces the Changemaker ethos the most: with charitable work, community engagement or volunteering. 

And your winner is…Dance! 

Through bake sales, their famous Strictly event and other campaigns throughout the year, Dance have tripled their charitable income from previous years to over £1100 this year! They also showed incredible support for societies like Creative Craft and the Vietnamese Society, volunteering and participating in their incredible charitable events as well.

First Year of the Year – this award goes to an individual that has had a demonstrable positive impact on their club in their first year of joining – it is a person who has immersed themselves in their club, and has shown tremendous commitment.

And your winner is…Sophie Ings from Swimming!

The summer before coming to university, Sophie was diagnosed with a rare illness, meaning she was unable to walk. Through physiotherapy though, and a great positive attitude, Sophie re-learnt how to walk and came to university still suffering, but determined to still swim and compete. Since arriving, she has attended every training session available and has attacked each one to the best of her ability. She attended both BUCS competitions, and beat her personal best times set from before her illness. Sophie has been a massive presence in the swimming community, constantly encouraging others and bringing her positive go-get it attitude to every session.

Sportsman of the Year – This award goes to the individual male athlete who has performed their sport at the highest level and can demonstrate considerable success throughout their career as a student-athlete. 

And your winner is…Kyle Jones from Men’s Rugby League!

As a veteran of the university Rugby League team, significantly helped their promotion efforts this year, scoring a dozen tries this year alone. He’s also acted within his competencies as a student nurse to look after and assess injured players on both sides during matches, displaying excellent sportsmanship. Outside of university, Kyle also trains regularly with the Midlands regional squad, and was a part of the team that beat South East England earlier this year. Kyle has also gone one step further, and was selected to be in the Wales National Students team, and is about to head into his first match against a professional league side.

Sportswoman of the Year – Similar to the previous award, this goes to the individual female athlete who has performed their sport at the highest level and can demonstrate considerable success throughout their career as a student-athlete.

And your winner is…Alysia Middleton from Trampolining! 

Alysia has gone above and beyond as President for the Trampolining club this year, both in her committee role and in the sport. She has supported new members of the club both at training and competitions, offering her coaching skills and motivating each member do to the best they can be either at beginner level or elite. Within the sport itself, Alysia has attended all SUTL competitions and has placed in first at each competition by a considerable amount – a fantastic example to all club members, and those outside of Northampton as well!

Outstanding Contribution to Northampton Student Sport – this award goes to the student that has gone above and beyond their call of duty, and has made a significant impact on the Northampton Student Sport Landscape.

And your winner is…Danielle Ward from Women’s Hockey! 

Danielle has committed four years to Women's Hockey and always goes above and beyond for the team and club. She has been on committee every year as Vice-Captain, stepped up as social secretary, and now finally as President. She has also stepped up this year to be an AU councillor on the student council and has never missed an AU meeting. Daniel has represented her club and Northampton Student Sport at all levels, both on and off the pitch. She’s been with and supported the club through cup finals and promotion as well as through an incredible tough season this year. She works harder than anyone for her club always focuses on building the confidence of those around her.

Sports Personality of the Year: This award is voted for by students! Who have you chosen this year as YOUR Sports Personality? 

And your winner is…Jack Farnell from Dance! 

For the second year in a row, Jack takes home the crown of Sports Personality of the Year, and deservedly so with over 50% of all votes cast! Jack’s involvement beyond his beloved Dance club is unbelievable. He was the Vice-Chair of Sports Committee last year and has taken on the role of Chairing it this year. In this role, Jack puts a lot of time and effort into his commitments constantly proves how passionate he is for all sports. He thoroughly enjoys being an advocate for all student sports teams and does his absolute best to support them in the best way he can. He has choreographed and filmed dance classes and written blog posts for all students to enjoy for the SU. He has attended Open Days to advertise the Dance Club as well as other sports, has created great relationships with many of the sports teams, and is a great advocate for sport as a whole. He’s committed, positive, passionate, pleasant, hard-working, and most of all humble student at the University.

Most Improved Club: This award goes to the club that demonstrably prove how they’ve made efforts to go above and beyond what’s expected of them, and has taken their club to the next level! 

And your winner is…Swimming! 

What a year it has been for the swimming club! They have gone from strength to strength. In competitive swimmers alone, this year the club were able to take almost double the amount of swimmers to both long and short course BUCS events. And as well as this, they have seen the number of social swimmers increase too. They’ve drastically improved their social media presence too. And where the club faced some difficulty, their secretary and Men’s captain were able to find a process which suited our entries so that when it came to BUCS in February, they were able to streamline they’re administrative process far better. In the pool, they’ve recorded numerous club records and are looking to take their success this year and build on it next year!

Team of the Year: This award goes to the most successful team on campus, and one that has worked well with the SU throughout their success! 

And your winner is…The Tap Squad from Dance!

A heavily contested squad, but one which now can boast a title of the best intermediate Tap team in the country, after going through all of their competitions, and winning every single one! More than this though, their involvement in the Vietnamese society ‘Tet it Up’ event has led to the event itself to be nominated for a national award!

Club of the Year: This award requires no introduction. Simply put, this award goes to the club that has made the most effort in all of their activities this year!

And your winner is…Dance!

Nationally successful squads, nationally successful individuals, and a nationally recognised competition – This Dance club has it all. With huge engagement in their event, and reciprocated engagement in others events, the dance club is possible the largest and most well-known club on campus! But it’s not all about competition for these guys; they’ve held social classes with incredible attendance and have even taken these online during this lockdown period! As one of the most decorated dance clubs in the country at the moment, they are deserved winners!

If you missed this years Sports Awards Video you can find it on the Students' Union Facebook page here