Society Awards 2020

3rd April 2020

Society Awards 2020

In light of the current circumstances we can't all be together to honour your incredible achievements but we want to celebrate all your hard work and commitment the best way we can online! Take a look at all the nominees and winners for this year's Society Awards 2020. Once the Students' Union has reopened you can all collect your certificates. 

Best Society 2019/20: Academic, Representation and Campaign

The winner is Law!

This year the law society has put on a number of academic events as well as socials. The society has helped equip students for life after university in terms of wanting to become a solicitor or a barrister and have done an incredible job of reaching out to other external organisations to gain sponsorship and awareness for their group. The committee have been incredibly active, and have always pushed the society to achieve any goals they set themselves up for. 

Your nominees

3. Computing

Best Society 2019/20: Cultural, International and Faith

The winner is Hindu!

The atmosphere described by members of this society in our nominations this year is that it is always amazing and truly reflects the people within this group. The society has made their events extremely fun for everyone attending, and always makes everybody feel welcome. The Society has constantly come up with new ideas for events and socials, with the example of their incredible Valentines event this year. It is clear that the committee members are passionate about their group, and have really made an effort to improve their group from last year. 

Your nominees

2.    Christian Union 
3.    Real Talk 

Best Society 2019/20: Arts and Recreational

The winner is Pole fitness!

This society has been improving and improving this past year, with huge membership on the Union website, they are now one of our largest societies. Nominations have shown that this group are very accepting, inclusive and encouraging to everyone, at the same time as being a fun and exciting way to exercise. This society is extremely body positive and has a big impact on the self esteem and body image of the members of the group. The members of the society put in lots of hard work to develop their skills, both of dance and fitness. 

2.    Craft
3.    Art
4.    E Sports and Gaming

Best Society 2019/20: Volunteering and Enterprise 

The winner is Marrow!

This group have come a long way from where they found themselves at the beginning of the Academic year. From being a folded group, to holding monthly fundraising events and donor recruitment drives for Anthony Nolan Charity, both on and off campus, smashing the targets they set themselves for this year and continuing to build the presence of the society on campus. They have had external companies reach out to them to organise collaborative events and are very excited to see what the following year unfolds!

Your nominee


Most Improved Society 2019/20

The winner is Midwifery!

This society was very inactive previously and was not running and students did not know that it existed. The committee this year have re-vamped the society hosting not only socials but x4 study days since taking over in September. These study days have aimed to improve the student experience and improve knowledge of current midwifery practice for the student members to improve care that women and their babies receive: these have included Bereavement, birth trauma, hypnobirthing and cancer in pregnancy. This group have also introduced the buddy system again and given themselves a large online presence. This group have also been recognised by the RCM at our presidents interview for student midwife of the year. The majority of these individuals are also currently working fulltime to battle the COVID-19, which we are all so grateful for. A truly deserved award. 

2.    LGBT+
3.    Pole Fitness
4.    Anime 

Society Personality of the Year 2019/20 (Voted by Students)

The winner is Harry Naggs!

This individual has worked tirelessly for 3 years within this society handling the background decision making helping with Localized Information Technology. He has inspired so many people during these years and has made peoples day/week and month time and time again. He is one of few whom runs the Facebook page He has passion and knowledge in his field of both academic and personal development and has been a great asset to the team. Advising on geographical world building (undergrad of geography) with multiple fantasy storytellers or different crafts. Informing on some the best and the latest films shows and Sci-fi knowledge ranging from red dwarf to The witcher. His impact here at the union has made a great difference.

Your nominees

2. Marika Hall 
3. Joe Lutwama 

Society Event of the Year 2019/20 

The winner is Vietnamese Lunar Event!

Society Event of the year, this year has been based on events that did take place. We had so many nominations but unfortunately due to the current situation, we based our decisions on events that had already taken place. This group held this event for their Lunar New Year, and to say it was a success would be an understatement. The attention to detail with this event was like no other, and the impact on students of this society, with the majority being away from home is so comforting. The event was brilliant, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this group.

Your nominees

2.    Christian Union’s Carol service 
3.    Nursing – National Mental Health Nurses Day 

Society Committee member of the Year 2019/20

The winner is Valeria Medici!

Valeria has been outstanding at organising with and contacting various organisations this year, as well as helping the rest of the society with advice and ideas to ensure our events run as smoothly as possible. From creating an entire year of events, with precise and professional delivery, the Art society have been able to experience opportunities they would have never have been given if Valeria was not such an organised and passionate individual. As president of the Art Society she has gone above and beyond to create great opportunities and experiences for fellow students, as well as constant contact, recommendations and a genuine love for her craft and society. 

Your nominees

2. Henrietta Farrugia
3. Sonia Metelkova
4. Charlotte Brookes