Ryan’s Vice President Union Development Blog (January)

6th February 2020

Ryan’s Vice President Union Development Blog (January)

Ryan Bradshaw

Vice President (Union Development) Blog- Ryan is your main representative on all student union activities. For more information on his work this year click this link.


'I am coming up to my 2nd & final year in my elected role as Vice President Union Development! Being a sabbatical officer is one of the best experiences I have ever had. There is no typical 'day to day' and pardon the cliche but every day is different. 

There are many ups and downs with this job...mainly ups! I would encourage anyone thinking about running, to just do it! You won’t regret it.

My time in post has enabled me and given me the opportunity to push myself in many different areas not only personal but career wise. Knowing I get to help students every day and help improve their student experience, is what gets me up in the morning! I am very honoured to of been given the opportunity by the students to lead them for the past 2 years focusing on events, entertainments, societies and sports'. 

If you are interested in running in this years elections, the VP Union Development and VP Welfare roles have come together to create the new VP Welfare and Activities role. You can view the job description here