Vice President Union Development Ryan’s Final Blog

29th June 2020

Vice President Union Development Ryan’s Final Blog

Our Vice President Union Development 2019/20 Ryan Bradshaw has come to the end of his time in office, after being a part of the University of Northampton Students' Union for the past two years. Ryan has been a fun, friendly face on campus pushing for the most enjoyable student experience, from hosting events to supporting our sports and society members. 

Ryan said "My time in office has been one of the most challenging but rewarding positions I've ever had the privilege of being involved with. I would be here all day if I were to list the highs and the lows and the pros and cons over my two years. I'd like to highlight the events and student experience side of things. I felt passionate about student experience and really wanted to make every student have 'fun' while being at university!

Building a community on campus is something I felt was a difficult task with the move to Waterside. However, empowering the student groups to achieve what they have over the two years. Especially the sports teams, the great work they do on and off the field is second to none and they are an asset to this univeristy. At the end of the day, I want every student to have the best experience at uni. 

SU Talks:
I'm really proud of SU talks which was an event brand I did in my first year in office where it tackled some big issues - while bringing in some high profile celebrity speakers, including Matthew Burton, Akala, Jessica Cunningham and had Gareth Thomas planned (he had to cancel for the 3rd time).

Refreshers / Karaoke Mondays / Bonkers Bingo:
Also being able to add to your student experience by bringing you Refreshers for the 1st time... done properly. Not to mention, your weekly karaokes, the odd bonkers bingo and the occasional skank at Decibel are just some of my highlights from the events I brought to you! 

Wednesday Free Policy:
Supporting Sports and Societies through engagement and building a community is something im proud of and kept pursuing and demonstrating the importance of FREE Sports and Societies and ensuring that Wednesday Free policy was upheld!

I would like to Thank, everyone who was part of my campaign team for both years in the election. Not to mention everyone who voted- I wouldn't be here or get up every morning if it wasn't for those people- so Thank you! I would also like to thank my sabb team (both years) for the support and having that shoulder to turn too when everything gets too complex at the SU (which it often does).

My highlights from both years has to be the big SU events that brings everyone together and seeing students having a great time!! 

Il still be about Northampton (just can't let go) and my last wish is we bring Bedford to our campus next year... and we wipe the floor with them! 

Its been an absolute pleasure, 

Outgoing Vice President Union Development, Ryan Bradshaw


We would like to thank Ryan for his hard work and dedication during his two years at the Union and we wish him all the best for the future.