New PGR Work Space

21st October 2020

New PGR Work Space

Dear PGR Students,
First and foremost, welcome to the new Postgraduate Research Students who are joining us from the 19th of October. Our names are Ahmed Basil (Vice-President Postgraduate Research)  and Anthony Stepniak (Part-Time Postgraduate Research) and we are your principle representatives as Postgraduate Researchers at University of Northampton. 
At Waterside campus, the PGR Workspace is our dedicated hub at Waterside campus, thus it would be good to familiarize yourself with it when you are able to do so. Due to covid-19 the space follows a strict code of conduct. The space is now open from 6am to 10pm and following social distancing measures. It has our own private kitchen, bathrooms (shared only with the vice chancellor), and a balcony! The is a free stationary provision from the university full of items such as new notebooks, files, folders, pens, and more.

Furthermore the space is located on the 4th floor of the Senate building were no other students are granted card access for your privacy. There are 3 meeting rooms as well on that floor, available for your use upon booking. Please feel free to contact me or Anthony Stepniak who is the Part-Time PGR Officer if you need any assistance or you want your ideas and recommendations transferred to the Students' Union. 
Here are some of the Covid Code of Conduct reminders for your safety:

•    The mandatory use of face coverings in communal spaces, corridors and kitchens applies everywhere throughout the estate, including the 4th floor of Senate
•    Hand sanitizer should be used when moving from one area to another; hand pumps are fitted to the wall for this purpose;
•    Individuals should not gather in groups of more than 6 unless it is for educational purposes;
•    Maximum occupancy for furniture should not be exceeded and furniture should not be moved;
•    The passenger lift should only be used by individuals with mobility impairment or by someone carrying large/heavy items. Only one person should use the lift at a time.
•    Workstations should be cleaned before and after use, using the wipes provided.
•    Please avoid the personalization of work spaces as the PGR space is a hot desking environment. Leaving personal effects on desks prevents the important cleaning regimes of the space to be undertaken in order to keep us safe. 
•    Please use the provided Lockers to keep your personal items in.
•    Please remember to keep socially distant from each other when using the space and respect the wishes of others in relation to this front.

Ahmed O. Basil and Anthony Stepniak 
Vice President PGR and Research Student Officer 


To watch the video of the new space please click here