NUS Disaffiliation Referendum

24th May 2019

NUS Disaffiliation Referendum

The Chair of the Students' Union Executive Committee (Rafael Garcia-Kariling, SU President 2017-19) has received a secure petition of 0.5% of our membership to hold a referendum the Students' Union's affiliation to NUS. The petition's stated aim is: For the University of Northampton Students' Union (UNSU) to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students (NUS).

As a result, the process outlined in the SU bye-law 6 must be followed. The timeline for the election is laid out below:


Friday 24th May- Referendum announced

Tuesday 28th May- Meeting of Democracy and Elections Committee

Wednesday 29th May, 9am- Meeting of SU Management and Executive Committee to decide Referendum funding levels

Thursday 30th May, 6pm- Debate to be held in the Engine Shed

Monday 3rd June, 9am- Referendum voting opens

Thursday 6th June, 5pm- Referendum voting closes


Students' Union members will be given the option to vote three ways:

  • Yes (In favour of UNSU disaffiliating from NUS)
  • No (Against UNSU disaffiliating from NUS)
  • Abstain (Choosing not to pick a preference when voting)

For the vote to be quorate (vaild and binding) valid we must receive a turnout of at least 2.5% of our membership, which at the time of announcing would stand at 148 votes. Any vote will count towards quoracy, including abstentions and spoilt ballots. If the vote fails to meet quoracy, UNSU will remain affiliated to NUS.

There must be a two-thirds majority  vote "Yes" for UNSU to disaffiliate from NUS. Please note that only "Yes and "No" votes count towards the majority threshold, Abstentions and spolit ballots will count towards quoracy calculation, not the majority calculation. If "Yes" receives less than two-thirds majority, UNSU will remain affiliated to NUS.

The Democracy and Elections Committee is currently:

  • Phil Sturgeon- UNSU CEO
  • Roger Weston- UNSU Head of Charitable Services

Referendum Rules and Regulations

Appointment of "Heads of Campaigning"