Face of the Fortnight - Lauretta, Course Advocate

26th March 2020

Face of the Fortnight - Lauretta, Course Advocate

I became a course advocate at the start of my second year. I felt really honoured to have been chosen by my class especially when they unanimously decided that I should still retain the post in year 3.  Initially, I was worried about assuming this responsibility in addition to my course work. However, I also felt that it was a position of trust. I thought “they must have seen some qualities in me that made them feel I was the one for the job!”.

Being a course advocate really involves listening, advocating, negotiating and liaising. As a course advocate, you listen to the concerns of students. You note their concerns, signpost them to support where possible and advocate for them. During advocacy, you negotiate with lecturers and try to get the best outcome for your class. You are like a portal through which opinions flow between students and lecturers. Therefore, you always look at the bigger picture, never take things personal and maintain professionalism.

One positive experience of being a course advocate for me is that I feel more confident about speaking out for others. This links in with my training as a LD nurse, because in future, there is an expectation that I will always ensure that the rights and choices of my patients are upheld by others. Finally, the Students' Union has been extremely helpful in terms of training and support. I feel privileged to have held this position

If you are interested in being a course advocate please click here