Katy’s Vice President Welfare Blog (January)

7th January 2020

Katy’s Vice President Welfare Blog (January)

Beating the January blues!

January is known as the ‘gloomiest month of the year’ because you are coming back in to your day-to-day routine, the festivities have wound down and the weather is still miserable. Many people find it really hard to stay motivated and many find themselves reaching out for professional help for their mental health. With this in mind, it is so important to get out and do a lot of self-care. 

For many, the ‘new year, new me’ can seem a bit overwhelming because there is an expectation to be a better person or to set some big goal that is really hard to achieve. Having goals is fine but also celebrating the wins however big or small, is equally important.
Here are some top tips for staying emotionally well this January:

•    Get out and about - it is really good to be outside getting some fresh air. MIND, the mental health charity have launched RED January, an initiative to encourage more exercise and activity this month. You can do any exercise you want: walk, swim, run etc. and this helps both physical fitness and emotional wellbeing.

•    Write down your goals – often it is easier to see your goals on paper, to help you keep track and noticing when you do achieve them.

•    Meditation or mindfulness – you don’t have to do an hours meditation class or be really in to mindfulness to take part but a simple 10 minutes of peace and quiet tuning in to how your feeling can really help. Doing this also makes you forget about the life stressors you have going on, it is 10 minutes of reflection, contemplating and relaxation.

•    Getting advice and support – Whatever you are going through, there is support there at the Students’ Union, University, in the community and online. Please access our services if you feel like you could benefit from them. It is ok to ask for help.

•    Don’t be too hard on yourself – January can be a busy month with going back to work, coming back to University, revising for exams, meeting assignment deadlines etc. You know your limits and if you need some time to stop and do something else to unwind, that is totally ok.

•    Try something new! Have a look at what you can get involved with in your local community, maybe volunteering somewhere or getting a new hobby. Use the skills you have to help others. 

The Students’ Union and the University are here to support students. Please visit the relevant sites (www.northamptonunion.com and www.northampton.ac.uk ) to find out how we can help you.

If you are feel that you are risk to yourself or others, please call 111 to get advice or get someone to take you to your nearest A&E department.