Face of the Fortnight - Catriona, Course Advocate

21st May 2020

Face of the Fortnight - Catriona, Course Advocate

I was course rep (same as advocate) at Ulster University back home in Northern Ireland and really enjoyed it. I wanted to continue on being a course advocate at the University of Northampton and since starting University I have been an advocate for an impressive 6 years in total. (Going for the magic number 7). 

Being a course advocate includes presenting feedback to staff at Staff Student Consultative Committee meetings and reporting back to students. Helping students with queries- I get at least one message by Whatsapp from individual students on my course. 

A positive experience of being an advoate is the ability to practice and develop my verbal communication skills as Podiatrists interact with patients during their appointments which requires excellent communication skills. I can use the experience on my CV and talk about it at interviews. I was taught to use the STAR technique when answering questions based on situations you have been in- Situation, Task, Action, Result. The staff in the SU are excellent and always keep us updated and encourage us when things come up which are hard to deal with. I don't have to go it alone. 

-Catronia Doyle

If you are interested in being a course advocate then please click here