Face of the Fortnight - Nathan McGaughey

27th July 2020

Face of the Fortnight - Nathan McGaughey

I initially got involved with the Students' Union through a number of meetings organised by the previous LGBTQ+ officer. There I was able to connect with other LGBTQ+ students and talk about our experiences in and outside of University, we agreed to set up a new LGBTQ+ society and that’s how I found myself as President. My role largely consists of ensuring we stay active and are connecting with students, organising events especially during History and pride months, encouraging us to develop, improve and stay organised. I have often pursued us becoming more visible and active in student life, ensuring we were a safe and supportive community to attend Union events with. As president I am often just a face for students to recognise and talk to. 

I think the best thing about being involved in any society is the people you meet and connect with. Being able to support each other and form a community that extends beyond organised meetings and goes into spontaneous events and gatherings and casual friendships. LGBTQ+ History month was especially good as I was able to organise events with various other groups and have people attend and learn. Especially with the support of the Students' Union in booking areas and equipment. The SU has been extremely supportive in everything we’ve tried to do helping us in organisation and communicating with students.

Being president has given me so many tools and skills for the future in organisation, communication and leadership. I’ve also made so many connections to individuals and organisations I will be able to take forward. I can’t wait to learn more next year as I take on the role of Societies Committee Chair and a Student Councillor, being able to improve the student experience for myself and others.

-Nathan McGaughey

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