Executive Team Experiences

8th October 2020

Executive Team Experiences

Our Part-Time Officers have been in office since July 2020, throughout the Summer months and Freshers they have been working on different projects to improve the student experience, focusing on areas that need improvement and that are important to the students they have been in contact with. 

Below are statements from our Women's Officer, PGR Officer and Disabed Student Officer about their time in office so far and why you should become a part of the team. 


Erin Laste - Women's Officer;

" Hi my names Erin Laste and I am the Womens officer for the University of Northampton Students' Union. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the SU and I feel it has developed my skills and built my confidence in various ways, as well as allowing me to make a difference to student experience. So far I’ve introduced a sexual harassment and violence awareness course, organised external speakers to come and discuss issues that affect women, distributed information around campus for the Coppafeel breast cancer charity and set up an anonymous contact form for students to raise sensitive issues with me. 

The main benefits of being an officer include: 
•    Being Pushed you out of your comfort zone
•    Connecting with likeminded people and builds your network
•    Teaches you valuable skills like public speaking which improve your employability
•    Looks good on your CV and shows you are driven and enthusiastic
•    Allows you to make a positive impact for students and gives you the freedom and resources to implement your own ideas around campus.

The roles still open are the BME officer and the Post-Graduate Taught Officer, so If this sounds like something you are interested in then nominate yourself from the 5th of October. The nomination period closes on the 12th October so don’t miss out!"

You can find out more about Erin and her contact details here


Anthony Stepniak - Post-Graduate Research Officer;

"As someone starting their second term in office as PGR Officer, it has been an exciting, but challenging time. I am mainly working to support the new Part-Time Vice President-PGR Ahmed, on the relocation of PGR students from the first floor of senate to the 4th floor and ensuring that the new space is socially distant and a space which responds to PGR student voice. With the inherent nature of PGR students working across a variety of locations, timelines and stages – I set-up a weekly and then fortnightly online drop-in for PGR’s to come with queries, concerns or simply have a chat. The online drop-in’s provided a virtual way for out PGR community to stay connected during what has been an uncertain summer. Alongside this, I am currently working on re-launching a number of the PGR awards, funds and portfolio of opportunities which I created over the last two years, in a manner adaptable to our new working schedules and environments". 

You can find out more about Anthony and his contact details here


Kirstie Pope - Disabled Students' Officer;

"I'm very much enjoyed my time in office so far. The roles and responsibilities were a little bit daunting to begin with, especially since I'm classed as a disabled student myself and not the most outgoing or confident person. I have learnt a lot about the SU and how things are run. That has been really humbling, because everyone works so hard, but they're also so lovely and always find time to help you if you need them. I am glad that I had to change to run two drop in events, as it gave me the chance to meet both staff and students.I feel like it has already given me the chance to give a lot back and support students who are struggling.

One of my best experiences so far has been attending the Disability Coordinators Meeting. It was really valuable for my progression and it gave me a great opportunity to feed back to staff at the university. This role has definitely helped with my self-esteem and people skills. It's nice to feel part of such a lovely team too." 


You can find out more about Kirstie and her contact details here

If you are interested in joining the Executive Officer team then please nominate yourself in the October By-Elections open now! Nominations close on 12th October at 9am. 

Even this isn't for you or the role you are interested in isn't avaliable just yet, then please make sure you vote for the candidate you want to represent you and lead your union. 

To find out more click here.