Emergency General Meeting (EGM)

15th July 2020

Emergency General Meeting (EGM)

All of our student members are invited to the University of Northampton Students’ Union Emergency General Meeting on Thursday 30th July 2020 at 6pm. 

The meeting will be led by Student Council Chair, Louise Dowson and will take place online on WebEx. To join the meeting please click here.

What is an Emergency General Meeting? 

Every year the Students' Union has an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is a yearly gathering where students are presented with the Unions Annual Report, containing information about its performance and activities. The members review this report and vote to approve the previous year. 

An Emergency General Meeting can be held at any time during the year and are held when urgent matters need to be addressed that arise before the next AGM.

Why is it important? 

Both AGM and EGM are important as it holds the Students' Union accountable, and is vital for certain decisions to be approved by its student members.

In the meeting on Thursday 30th July 2020 we will be discussing the Students’ Union annual audited accounts and you will have the opportunity to vote on whether you accept the SU’s accounts for the financial year. To view the audited accounts please click here.

If you have any questions about the EGM then please contact [email protected]