Election Nomination Difficulties

22nd February 2019

Election Nomination Difficulties

Struggling to nominate yourself in this year's elections? Please read the below information carefully: 

  1. Ensure you are a member of the SU

If you have logged in but it is not allowing you to proceed, you will need to log this with IT to ask to become a member of the SU. See here for more instructions.

  1. After requesting to be a member

If you have requested to be a member before the deadline, and/or can sign-in but have other difficulties with submitting your nomination, we will accept your nomination by emailing the below information to [email protected]:

  •  You have requested to opt-in to being a member of the SU before the end of the nomination period, Sunday 24th, 5pm. You will need to provide evidence of this request by taking a screen shot of your request, or by forwarding the service request email. If you are a member and can sign-in, please note this in your email.
  • You have taken a screen shot of your attempt to nominate yourself, and what issue you have faced. This again needs to be done before nominations close.
  • You have emailed your manifesto and photo, again before nominations close.

Please provide evidence of these attempts, along with your manifesto and photo, all before nominations close on Sunday 24th at 5pm, and we can ensure your nomination can be accepted. All of this information needs to be sent to [email protected]