Collaborative Crafternoon at the SU image
A fun afternoon for the crafters at the Crafternoon charity event last week at the Student Union. It was a joined charity event in aid of the charity Mind, combining the craft society and the Dance club which was wonderful to see as the sports and the creatives have joined together to not only create, but fundraise to support Mind. Mind is a mental health charity advocating mental health awareness and supporting those people who are struggling with their mental health. We had an amazing turnout and received so much positive feedback about how calming the activities made people feel which is exactly what we strived for. Ellie who attended the event said: "I enjoyed the activities presented by the crafternoon from both the dance and creative craft society, the activities were well explained and fun to take part in and it was a nice time to relax and have fun being creative". We are so excited for our next charity event coming soon!

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