Membership for Moulton College Students

27th March 2019

Membership for Moulton College Students

Announcement for Moulton College students


Moulton College is a partnered institution with the University of Northampton, with the relationship being that the University of Northampton validates courses on behalf of the college.


For students based at Moulton and on these courses, it means their membership type with the University of Northampton Students' Union is Associate Membership only.


If you are a student based at Moulton College, your Associate Membership means you have access to the Students' Union but with restricted rights. Being an Associate Member means you are able to join a student group, for example a club and society, but are not permitted to take part in any democratic functioning of the Students' Union, such as being a student groups committee member, a candidate in the elections, or voting in any electoral position. If you are a student who is part of a sports club at the Students' Union, it also means you cannot take part in BUCS*.


This is in accordance to the Student Union's governing documents, specifically the Constitution and Membership Bye-Law.


Any questions?


If you are uncertain on whether you are a student of Moulton College or the University of Northampton, please get in touch with the Student Records department on [email protected].


If you have any questions regarding this information and agreement, please get in touch with the VP Union Development, Ryan Bradshaw on [email protected].


For more information on validation courses, please go to the University's website here:


*Moulton College has its own BUCS membership – see here for more information on this.