Volunteering and Social Enterprise Committee (VSEC)

VSEC aims to give a voice to all volunteering, social enterprise, media and heritage projects that are led by students. It is a forum in which to propose new projects, raise issues and question what your Sabbatical Officers are doing for you.

In addition, it provides attendees with the opportunity to influence procedures, policies and bye-laws to reflect your unique activities.


Contact Details


Who runs VSEC?

The Committee is student-led and is run by the following elected members:


VSEC Exec 2018-19
  • Chair: Sarah Crooks (Rotaract);
  • Vice-Chair: Hannah Jones (United Amayi Society).


VSEC Student Councillors 2018-19
  • Hannah Jones (United Amayi Society);
  • Sarah Crooks (Rotaract).


Further, the Union's Heritage & Volunteer Coordinator provides support to the Committee.


Dates and Minutes of Meetings 2018-19