STaR Awards 2017-18: Winners and Shortlist


Innovative and Tech-savvy Lecturer of The Year

Alison Power (Senior Lecturer in Midwifery)

Alison has worked at the University of Northampton for 11 years. She has been shortlisted for the Innovative and Tech-savvy award for her use of a range of online platforms to support the student experience, including Wikis, Twitter,, Blogs and Collaborate. One student comments that "Alison is very passionate about IT as a learning tool and shares that passion and expertise to enhance our learning. She timetables work in a way that makes you excited to engage and re-engage later that day."


Tanya Beetham (Lecturer in Counselling (Children and Young People)
Brendan Greene (Senior Lecturer in Law)


Advancement of Equality and Diversity Award

Neil Southwell (Senior Lecturer in Education)

Having worked at the University for the past 15 years, Neil takes pride in "actively interacting with students to utilise student-voiced critique of their courses." In terms of his contributions to advancement of equality, diversity and inclusion, one nomination praises Neil for "opening up conversation about the BME attainment gap in the Faculty of Education and Humanities. He has had conversations with students and staff about how they can improve the gap and encourage more black students to continue on with their studies." Another student praises Neil for his ability to encourage every student to have a voice: "In debates some of the members are very quiet. Neil always brings people out of their shell making them comfortable to voice their opinion in the session."


Tanya Beetham (Lecturer in Counselling - Children and Young People)
Melanie Crofts (Senior Lecturer in Law)


Support Staff of the Year

Vicki Jesney (Accommodation Manager)

Vicki has worked at the University of Northampton for the past 19 years and takes the greatest pride in "being able to support students, and seeing them go on to achieve their goals." Nominations speak of Vicki’s commitment to student welfare, often going above-and-beyond to help students. One student writes: "Vicki helped me with my accommodation, even though it was way past the deadline and only a few weeks before the start of term. Most people would have told me it was too late, but Vicki went out of her way to help me and liaised with other teams so they could support me too."


Will Greasley (Students’ Union Enterprise Manager)
Dr. Stuart Mousir-Harrison (University Chaplain)


Personal Academic Tutor of the Year

Helen Clegg (Senior Lecturer in Psychology)

Helen is nominated for her commitment shown to her students, both in terms of their academic progression and emotional wellbeing. One student comments: "Helen has been the most amazing personal tutor over the past two years I have had her. She has done so much for me and I honestly wouldn't still be here today without her help and support…. I really don't know what I would do without her." Helen is also praised for being "really helpful and so kind. She gives all students the time and support they need."


Alison Power (Senior Lecturer in Midwifery)
Hilary Scott (Senior Lecturer in Journalism and Broadcast Journalism)


Faculty Lecturers of the Year

Faculty Lecturer of the Year for Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology

Dr Triantafyllos Kanakis (Senior Lecturer in Computing)

In just four years of working at the University, Triantafyllos has shown continuous enthusiasm for teaching and learning within his subject area. This is acknowledged by one student as "very refreshing to see a lecturer so engaged and enthusiastic about their teaching subject." This includes organising the Internet of Things workshop for the past three years to increase learning and networking opportunities across the University. Triantafyllos is also praised for his commitments to student employability: "he inspires students to be creative and develop their personal/soft skills, which will make them desirable and employable outside of just having a degree."


Sally Cook (Programme Leader BA (Hons) Acting & Creative Practice)
Rory O’Neill (Lecturer in Drama and Acting)


Faculty Lecturer of the Year for Faculty of Business and Law

Nadeem Aftab (Senior Lecturer Banking & Finance)

Nadeem has worked at the University of Northampton for just over two years. He states his greatest achievement in this time was "revamping MSc International Banking & Finance Programme, and introducing new BSc International Banking & Finance (Top-up)." Student nominations consider Nadeem to be "very dedicated" and a "shining example of modern teaching, by combining a good use of both the interactive board and whiteboard." Nadeem is also commended for providing students with invaluable feedback to develop their work: "Nadeem had a very good rubric which had extensive feedback helping to develop my learning."


Alan Lovell (Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management)
Kardi Somerfield (Senior Lecturer in Marketing)


Faculty Lecturer of the Year for Faculty of Education and Humanities

Peter Goy (Senior Lecturer in Education)

Peter has worked at the University for four years. He describes his proudest moment as "this nomination." Peter is nominated for Faulty Lecturer of the Year for going "above and beyond for all of the students… Peter always makes learning fun and makes the unexplainable explainable!" Peter has also advocated for the need for a support network and acknowledges the value of Course Reps. One student notes in their nomination that "through Peter's encouragement throughout the year, I have become much more confident in my abilities."


Kay Brown (Senior Lecturer in Education, Children and Young People)
Andrew Smith (Senior Lecturer in Special and Inclusive Education)


Faculty Lecturer of the Year for Faculty of Health and Society

Rob Lyon (Lecturer in Exercise and Health Psychology)

Rob has worked at the University for just a year-and-a-half, noting that his greatest achievement to date is "helping students achieve on the research methods module, of which I was a new lecturer to." Rob is praised for going above and beyond to support students both academically and emotionally. One student writes "my first assignment was not of a suitable standard to pass, Rob gave me valuable feedback, really in-depth, that when I came to rewrite my work I knew I would have passed no problem. The feedback was so valuable in helping me understand what I was lacking how I could improve and how to move forward with my learning."


Rachel Evenden (Lecturer of Positive Psychology)
David Young (Module Leader for Biochemistry and Cell Biology)


Outstanding Lecturer of the Year

Rob Lyon (Lecturer in Exercise and Health Psychology)


Course Rep of the Year Award

Jennifer To (Student Representative for BA. Early Childhood Studies)

Jen has consistently been a presence as a course rep over the past three years, and shared information with lecturers, fellow students and faculty reps, and also kept the loop going by feeding back any actions from the original feedback. Jen has been a presence in all her SSLC, sharing information and leading as chair! She attends extra events such as faculty forums, and has kept a dialogue with her faculty rep going so that student voice can be heard and acted upon. Jen has always been happy, smiley, polite and courteous. She is praised for having "a calming presence and a can-do attitude that has ensured she has made a great all round course rep known to many, and fantastic chair of SSLC."


Ashleigh Jones (Student Representative for BA. Fashion Marketing)
Ana Saravanja (Student Representative for BSc. Psychology)


Faculty Rep of the Year

Cameron Vanloo (Faculty Representative for Business and Law)

Cameron reports that what he takes most pride in is "managing to keep so many students in education even with difficult situations and making sure all students have equal opportunities to advance in their studies." Cameron is described within one nomination to go "above and beyond in his position. He constantly works hard on addressing issues within his faculty and takes every issue presented to him as a personal target." Another nomination comments that "he has worked tirelessly to represent all students in our faculty and works so hard to help everyone and help find a solution to any problem you bring to him."


Gemma Lovegrove (Faculty Representative for Health and Society)
George Musengeyi (Faculty Representative for Health and Society)

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