STaR Awards

The Student Teaching and Representation awards is an annual award ceremony that takes place around late April/Early May celebrating the hard work of lecturers, professional support staff and students across the university.

The event is held at a prestigious venue with a great sit down meal hosted by the Students Union Vice President of Education. 

The awards includes titles such as:

  • Outstanding Lecturer of the Year

This award goes the lecturer who is recognised for helping and supporting their students.

STaR Awards also runs Faculty specific awards such as:

  • Business and Law Lecturer of the Year
  • Art, Science and Technology Lecturer of the Year
  • Health, Education and Society Lecturer of the Year 

Course and Faculty Advocates are also recognised for their hard work throughout the year and they receive awards such as:

  • Faculty Advocate of the Year
  • Course Advocate of the Year 

If you have been supported by someone in the University or Students’ Union that is a lecturer, you can nominate them for the following:

  • Professional Support Staff of the Year

Staff and students are welcome to nominate anyone for anything they feel they deserved to be recognised and celebrated for.

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