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Sport Committee

Sport Committee is the main forum for sports clubs to discuss any concerns, vote on important sport-specific matters and generally have their voice heard. The meetings help to facilitate communication, collaboration and understanding between sports.

It is open to the committee members of all clubs, with at least one representative from each group in attendance at every meeting (usually the President). However, if the club is playing an away fixture or has another commitment, then apologies should be emailed to the Chair at least 24 hours in advance.

The committee feeds into the Union's wider democratic structure, with Sport Student Councillors voting on behalf of sports at Student Council.

Contact Details

  • Please email [email protected] if you want to:
    • Ask general questions;
    • Propose a motion;
    • Add an agenda point (at least seven days in advance);
    • Change your club's constitution.
  • If you have a general question or idea regarding sports, please contact our Sports Officer;
  • For larger issues, get in touch with the Union's Vice President: Union Development. If it relates to an issue outside of Sport Committee, you should also copy in [email protected].


Who runs Sport Committee?

The Committee is student-led and is run by the following elected members:

Sport Exec 2019-20

  • Chair: Jack Farnell

Sport Student Councillors 2019-20

  • Stephania Chaudhri 
  • Danielle Ward
  • Ratri Mauricio 
  • Charlie Hughes

Further, the Union's Sports Development Coordinator provides support to the Committee.

Dates and Minutes of Meetings 2019-20

  • 10/10/19
  • 07/11/19
  • 28/12/19
  • 23/01/20
  • 06/02/20
  • 05/03/20
  • 23/04/20




Dates and Minutes of Meetings 2018-19