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The Role of the Vice President (Postgraduate Research)

  1. Manifesto-To deliver promises and pledges made to the student body during the election process.
  2. Leadership- Lead the elected officers, board of trustees and represent students on the board of governors.
  3. Representation- Represent student voice to internal committees, the University, NUS and to external organisations and partners.
  4. Development- 
      1. Has key oversight over the Students’ Union’s commercial activity and communications.
      2. Ensures Students’ Union services are relevant and responsive to Student needs.
      3. Communicate feedback from PGR Students at University committees to lobby for change
      4. Work with UNSU staff and the Vice President (Education) to facilitate the Academic Representation system for PGR students, providing support for the reps to enable them to carry out their role
  5. Student Experience- Engage with different demographics within the student body to influence decisions made by UNSU.
  6. To Contribute to the Overall Effectiveness of the Union

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About Ahmed

My name is Ahmed Basil and I have a first class degree in Computer Systems (Hardware) Engineering graduate of the class of 2018 and am currently a PhD Student majoring in Software-Defined Networks. In my BEng degree at the UoN I have done 5 part-time teaching assistance jobs and wasthe Chair of Student Union Societies. I have been on countless projects and teams that I have led myself to a successfully and operational state. Not only that but I have also worked as a Faculty of Arts Science and Technology PGR Student Representative, meaning that I am aware of the reps’ nature of work and am comfortable working with them. Moreover I have published some scientific work in my carrier as a PhD Researcher in highly respected and ranking conferences and am now aware of how a PhD researcher things and what they need to improve their Quality of Experience along with the necessary tools to be effective, in fact one of my published scientific papers was about a novel approach using technology to an improved Quality of Experience on a human level research. 

Ahmed's Manifesto Progress

  Manifesto Point Progress

I aim to work closely with the PGR Student representation officer to discuss the issues that relate to PGR and deliver those items (now from two different perspectives) to UNSU staff and fellow officers.


Work with the reps and identify major and minor issues relating to their experience in PGR space


Ensuring development of student research through their comfort with their reps and the space. 


Inspect all possible aspects of interests to the PGRs, Reps, and fellow officersand organize the correct form of addressing a single issue at a time.




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