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 Yeqi Zhou

VP Education Yeqi

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The Role of the Vice President (Education)

  1. Manifesto-To deliver promises and pledges made to the student body during the election process.
  2. Leadership- Lead the Faculty and Course Reps on education matters.
  3. Representation- Represent student voice to internal committees, the University, NUS and to external organisations and partners.
  4. Education
    1. a) Represent student interests in academic matters.
    2. b) Be responsible for knowing internal and national academic issues and reaction to them, including the position of NUS
    3. c) Alongside Part Time Officers and relevant Union and University Staff coordinate and lead Education Campaigns for the year
    4. d) Alongside relevant Union Staff, write up the Student Written Submission AQR.
    5. e) Alongside School Reps and relevant Union and University Staff coordinators and lead Student Lead Teaching Awards.
    6. f) Alongside relevant staff, coordinate a monthly conference/meeting with course reps.
    7. g)Alongside relevant staff, coordinate and lead monthly meetings with Faculty Reps.
  5. To Contribute to the Overall Effectiveness of the Union

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About Yeqi

Hello everyone, I am Yeqi Zhou and I am very glad to be your Vice-President Education for the 2020-21 academic year. This is the third year for me to study at UoN. I studied International Accounting courses in my Undergraduate year and MBA courses in my Postgraduate year. I have worked for the Northampton Chinese Student Union for two years.  Hoping we will have a excellent and meaningful year together!

Yeqi's Manifesto Progress

  Manifesto Point Progress
Try to create a better environment for students such as more study rooms or spaces for the whole week.  
2 Try to help students to practice in studying or finding jobs, such as mock interviews and public speaking.  

Try to ensure students can meet their demands and seek more benefits about education fields for students through the SU.

4 Conduct surveys and interviews for getting a prompt response to mental health needs and try to ensure every student is treated fairly.  
5 Try to improve the SU social media being more beautiful and pratical.  



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