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The Role of the Vice President (Education)

  1. Manifesto-To deliver promises and pledges made to the student body during the election process.
  2. Leadership- Lead the Faculty and Course Reps on education matters.
  3. Representation- Represent student voice to internal committees, the University, NUS and to external organisations and partners.
  4. Education
    1. a) Represent student interests in academic matters.
    2. b) Be responsible for knowing internal and national academic issues and reaction to them, including the position of NUS
    3. c) Alongside Part Time Officers and relevant Union and University Staff coordinate and lead Education Campaigns for the year
    4. d) Alongside relevant Union Staff, write up the Student Written Submission AQR.
    5. e) Alongside School Reps and relevant Union and University Staff coordinators and lead Student Lead Teaching Awards.
    6. f) Alongside relevant staff, coordinate a monthly conference/meeting with course reps.
    7. g)Alongside relevant staff, coordinate and lead monthly meetings with Faculty Reps.
  5. To Contribute to the Overall Effectiveness of the Union

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Cameron's Manifesto Progress

  Manifesto Point Progress

To encourage the university to bring in more graduates to help guide students through their university experience 


To build in more local and community based opportunities for students to develop their skills.


Working to build a stronger communication platform for students to engage with personal academic tutors and fix problems.

4 To work with library team to resolve fines as well as expanding on seating and plugs within the learning zone across waterside campus.  
5 To develop a framework to support staff with helping students with mental health and breaking down the stigma of mental health.  



Officer has rated as complete

Officer has rated as incomplete, but on-track

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