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The Role of the Vice President (BME)

  1. Manifesto-To deliver promises and pledges made to the student body during the election process.
  2. Leadership- Lead the the Students' Union on matters relating to BME students.
  3. Representation- Represent student voice to internal committees, the University, NUS and to external organisations and partners.
  4. BME-
    1. Represent student interests in BME matters.
    2. Be responsible for knowing internal and national BME campaigns and reactions to them, including the position of NUS.
    3. Alongside Part Time Officers and relevant Union and University Staff coordinate and lead BME Campaigns for the year. 
  5. Student Experience- Engage with different demographics within the student body to influence decisions made by UNSU.
  6. To Contribute to the Overall Effectiveness of the Union

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Tré's Manifesto Progress

  Manifesto Point Progress

Introduce a support group where students can talk (without judgement) about being of colour and British in the 21st century. 


Liaise with local organisations to deliver events. Such organisations can include: NREC, NBHA, Changemaker Hub and Lemon Pop Workshops. 


Introduce a monthly book club, reading BME authors while discussing BME topics based on what’s being read. 


Introduce a monthly film club where films will be watched and discussed, in collaboration with Northampton Filmhouse. It’s about seeing yourself reflected. 


Take students on trips to events. e.g. a panel with Nikesh Shukla, or The Black Verse – a poetry night  in London made by Black poets to promote Black poets. 




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