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The Role of the President

  1. Manifesto-To deliver promises and pledges made to the student body during the election process.
  2. Leadership- Lead the elected officers, board of trustees and represent students on the board of governors.
  3. Representation- Represent student voice to internal committees, the University, NUS and to external organisations and partners.
  4. Development- Develop student activity, employability run campaigns and oversee the success of commercial on charitable services
  5. Student Experience- Engage with different demographics within the student body to influence decisions made by UNSU.
  6. To Contribute to the Overall Effectiveness of the Union

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About Sami

Hi, I’m Sami and I have recently joined the Students' Union as President for the upcoming academic year 2020-21. I have done Foundation of Business Studies and first year of my degree from UNIC. Second and third year of my degree from University of Northampton. Last year I took part in Students' Union Election and I have been elected as an International Students' Officer, where I got tremendous amount of experience from the Students' Union and dealing with student body. I am really excited to be your President for the 2020-21. I want to put last four year experience into this role to create a better environment for each and every student.

Sami's Manifesto Progress

  Manifesto Point Progress

I will increase interaction of international and home students to promote better campus culture with monthly events.

2 Awareness of elected officers, including updates per month to allow the student to understand how they are to support you.   
3 Effective leadership and support for students, accountability, pride in their work and delivery of an integral service to students.   
4 I will make sure every student gets involved and want SU to welcome each and every student.   

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