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Elections FAQs

We know that our elections can be a little confusing, that's why we work hard to make sure that you can understand some of the jargon, and untimately make the decisions when voting that best reflect your opinions. We have collated a list of frequently asked questions below. Just click on the question to reveal the answer:



Why is it important that I vote?
Every vote counts! Because we have a relatively small number of votes in comparison to MP elections in the UK, our elections are often decided by just a few votes. That means your vote really does matter! Try to spend a few minutes researching the candidates here, selecting officers that will be effective and work on things you think are a priority can really change your university experience for the better. We’re passionate about that here at the SU, and great officers always equals a great Students’ Union!
How do I vote?
Voting in the 2021 elections opens on Monday 22nd February at 8am. Voting will be available online at the following times: Monday 22nd February 8am-6pm Tuesday 23rd February 8am-6pm Wednesday 24th February 8am-2pm. Visit www.northamptonunion.com/elections to cast your votes. If you have any issues please email the elections team via [email protected]
Why can I vote for more than one person?
Students vote by something called “Single transferable Vote” (STV) in our elections. Click here to view a video that explains it in full. STV means that even if your favourite candidate doesn’t get many votes, your vote transfers to your second preference if your favourite is eliminated. Students’ Unions across the UK use this method because we think its fairer and more democratic.
Who or what is RON?
You may see the term RON during the election, it stands for Re-Open Nominations. You can select this option during the election if you feel that some or none of the candidates are suitable for the role. If that’s what you feel then you can position your RON vote ahead of those you feel aren’t suitable for the post. If Re-Open Nominations wins the election, that means that nobody gets elected and we re-run an election at the next convenient opportunity to fill the position.
I’m running for position in the election, can I vote for myself?
Of course you can! You’re a student first, a candidate second. All students are entitled to vote, your candidacy doesn’t change that.