Candidate Proposals

Candidate Proposals

All candidates need to write a Proposal, but what actually is one?

This is a clear statement of what you want to achieve if elected. It should be based on your ideas, ambitions and experiences. It shouldn’t over promise or offer to do something that is not yours to agree (such as something that incurs a significant cost). You should show yourself in the best light, using your experience and ideas to appal to students so they vote for you.

A Candidate Proposal are sometimes referred to as a ‘manifesto’.

But how do I write one?

It’s easy. Write 300 words (max) on what your ideas are and what you’d do, and you’re done!

TIP! If you can include some SMART objectives, this is always encouraged. It helps students know exactly what you want to do, so try do this as much as possible.

For those voting, the Candidate Proposals should tell you how you will be represented over the next year and what the candidate wants to achieve. The Proposals should inform your decisions on voting day, so can choose a candidate you believe in.