October By-Elections

October By-Elections 2019

Its YOUR union, here's the chance for you to have your say. There are still plenty of student officer and leadership roles available. 

Have a look at the list (below) to see which you might be interested in running for. 

Roles available:

Executive Committee

Faculty Advocates

  • One Faculty Advocates from Faculty of Business and Law
  • Three Faculty Advocates from Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology
  • Three Joint Honours Representatives

The job description for Faculty Advocates can be found here.



You can nominate yourself on the SU website at northamptonunion.com/elections between 9am Monday 14th October and 11.59pm Sunday 20th October

To nominate yourself you will need to write a manifesto. The Union has a specific format that your manifesto will have to follow. This is:

Part 1 – to submit manifesto points:

In this section of your manifesto, you must submit three-to-five key manifesto points, of which must be:

  • No longer than 140 characters.
  • Resemble a SMART objective (i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound)

Part 2 – to submit three areas of interest that you plan on working on during your term in office.

These need to be alongside your key manifesto points (Part 1), of which also must be no longer than 140 characters.



This will take place on the SU website, via northamptonunion.com/elections between 9am Monday 28th October and 5pm Tuesday 29th October


Key Dates

  • Nominations Period: 9am Monday 14th October to 11.59pm Sunday 20th October 
  • Campaigning Period: 21st October to 27th October 
  • Voting Period:9am Monday 28th October to 5pm Tuesday 29th October 


If you have any questions email: su.democracy