Election Roles



Your Union is made up of students. Students like you – with your ideas, your passion and your views on what you want your Union to be. We couldn't be a Union without YOU.

Nominations will be opening soon for your next SU Officers, Advocates, student group committee members, and more! So have a think about what part you could play.

There's a great variety of roles available to go for – see below for which ones you might be interested in! If you've got any questions, just email [email protected].


Sabbatical Officers (full-time and paid)


Part-Time Officers


Student Trustee

  • Postgraduate Student Trustee.


NUS Delegate


Student Council positions

  • Non-Portfolio Councillor 


Faculty Advocates

12 Faculty Advocates:

  • Three Faculty Advocates from Faculty of Business and Law;
  • Three Faculty Advocates from Faculty of Health and Society;
  • Three Faculty Advocates from Faculty of Education and Humanities;
  • Three Faculty Advocates from Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology.


Three Joint Honours Representatives:

  • First-Year Joint Honours Advocate;
  • Second-Year Joint Honours Advocate;
  • Third-Year Joint Honours Advocate.


Four Postgraduate Faculty Representatives:

  • Faculty of Business and Law Representative;
  • Faculty of Health and Society Representative;
  • Faculty of Education and Humanities Representative;
  • Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology Representative.



  • Part-Time Student Representative;
  • Distance Learning Student Representative;
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Officer.


MSA Committee

Core positions:

  • President;
  • Secretary;
  • Collaboration Committee Member;
  • Treasurer.


Non-core positions:

  • Vice President of Postgraduates;
  • Vice President of Parents;
  • Policy Overseer Committee Member;
  • Social Media Secretary;
  • Social Secretary

For further understanding on the MSA Commtitee and each role, go to the Committees Bye-Law, (page 11) for more information.