Education Committee


Education Committee

The Education Committee is a collective of students, who have responsibility for all education issues on behalf of Student Council. Its aim is to improve teaching and learning in partnership with the University.

Those on the committee are Faculty Advocates, who have been elected to represent their respective Faculties.

Contact Details

  • Please contact your relevant Faculty Advocate if you want to:
    • Ask general questions;
    • Propose a motion;
    • Add an agenda point (at least seven days in advance).
  • For larger issues, get in touch with the Union's Vice President: Education. If it relates to the agenda of an Education Committee meeting, you should also copy in [email protected].


Who runs Education Committee?

The Committee is student-led and is run by the following elected members:

Education Exec 2019-20

  • Chair: Beth Garrett 
  • Deputy Chair: Louise Dowson

Further, the Union's Student Advocacy Coordinator provides support to the Committee.


Dates and Minutes of Meetings 2019-20

  • 15/10/19
  • 05/11/19
  • 26/11/19
  • 21/01/20
  • 04/02/20
  • 03/03/20
  • 21/04/20





Dates and Minutes of Meetings 2018-19