Togetherness Tuesdays

Togetherness Tuesdays

November and December schedule:

There are only a few more ‘Togetherness Tuesdays’ before the end of term, this is what’s on offer:

  • 26th November, pamper sessions 11am-2pm in the Engine Shed. There is only 1 slot left so contact me via my Facebook page or email to take it!
  • 3rd December, Post Pals project – making Christmas cards for sick children
  • 10th December, Willow weaving with Project Awesome!

Tea and Talk, Health

On Thursday 28th November the University services and Students’ Union are coming together and putting on a Tea and Talk. This event is known nationally for people gathering together and talking about mental health. As well as the Mental Health First Aiders being on hand to help, different organisations from around Northamptonshire will be there promoting their services and reaching out.

The Students’ Union are going to have a stall there to promote our Sports Clubs and Societies because being part of a group and sharing common interests can reduce loneliness and isolation. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that students who join a group make close friendships with others and this is vital when joining University especially if you do not know anyone to begin with.

Katy (VP Welfare) and Ryan ( VP Union Development) will be there to be on the stall and to support students and staff as Mental Health First Aiders.

MHFA and how we can help, Health

Katy (VP Welfare), Ryan (VP Union Development) and Gemma (President) are Mental Health First Aiders. We have all done our 2 day training and have gained valuable knowledge, techniques and ways of guiding someone so they feel safe. We are also aware of key numbers and organisations who can support you if you are feeling vulnerable or if it’s out of hours.

The Students’ Union is open to students all week and we are happy for students to come and see us.

Sport and society pledge card and mental health, Campaigns

This year I have introduced pledge cards for sports clubs and societies whereby the groups come up with 3 or 4 pledges to improve wellbeing. Pledges include joining in with a campaign to hosting sober socials. To get the name of a ‘very good’ club, the teams need to hold 1 pledge event which is either holding a charity event or coming up with their own campaign. Again, it is to recognise how important increasing confidence, self-esteem and overall wellbeing within the student body is.

Sexual Health Awareness Day, Campaigns

On Wednesday 27th November, we are holding a sexual health awareness day in the Owls Nest, Learning Hub. Staff from Sexual Health Outreach Team and Boots graduate programme will be there to provide information on:

  • Offering chlamydia testing
  • Free condoms
  • Information about local services
  • How to have healthy relationships
  • The C card

And more!

The aim of this is also to raise awareness of the stigma that is there with sexual health. There are a variety of clinics and our campus doctors surgery to treat patients when necessary.