Honesty Pot:

The Student Union's Honesty Pot is an emergency payment up to £50 or students in crisis. Here are some FAQs:

Q: What is the maximum amount you can have?  A: £50

Q: How do I pay it back?  A: Just get in touch with [email protected] when you are ready to pay all or some of the money back. No questions will be asked, no judgement given.


Q: Can I just come to the SU to access it? A: Yes, we will ask that whether you getting other support from University regarding your situation to ensure you are receiving the right support. We may not provide access to the pot if we do not think it will help solve your issues, or if the request is disingenuous. You may need to be referred from the University’s Financial Guidance Team or Mental Health Service.


Q: What if I need more than the maximum amount? A: You will need to go to the Financial Guidance Team and discuss your case with them however the Students’ Union Advice Team can signpost to external organisations.


Q: How many times can I access the fund? A: Once a term. We get numerous students needing it and it is only for emergencies.


Q: How can I access it? Click HERE


Q: What kind of situations class as an emergency? A: We hear a lot of different emergency cases but some include: not being able to afford food, or pay for fuel to get home, having to go home due to a family emergency and not being able to pay for transport to get to placement.


Q: What can I do if the SU isn’t open and I need the support? A: The Students’ Unions core hours are 10am-4pm, we cannot guarantee that someone can get in touch with you outside of these hours


Q: What can I do for more support?  A: Depending on your situation, the Financial Guidance Team may be able to help however the SU Advice Service can also help you look in to different options.


Q: Does this go on to my records? A: No. This does not go on to your LEARN records.


Budgeting tips:

  • To prepare budgets, use the online calculator:
  • List your essential expenditure
  • Keep a record on everything you spend and keep track on how often you spend
  • Set up standing orders so you know the payments leaving your back account regularly
  • Plan in advance any extra money you may be spending in a particular month e.g birthdays or other special occasions.
  • Be sure you have read all the information on a contract before agreeing to it
  • If you find yourself needing to borrow money get advice before committing or choosing a borrowing option. Your bank can help you with this or the contact the Financial Guidance Team  here.

Useful Contacts:

  • Step change – debt charity. Telephone: 0800 138 1111, website:
  • National debt line. Telephone: 0808 808 4000, website: Student Finance England. Telephone: 0300 100 06 07, website:
  • Student Loans Company. Website: or
  • The Financial Guidance Team at the University can help you with different types of grants and loans including the Financial Assistance Fund. For support outside of the University, there are some services here.
  • Citizens Advice: The Citizens Advice service can support you with a wide range of queries including debt, benefits, IVAs, your rights at work and more. They visit the Learning hub every Tuesday from 10am - 2pm. To book an appointment please email [email protected]