Hub of hope:

This app is designed for individuals to find mental health support services close to them. All you need to do is type in your postcode and nearby services come up. There is also a crisis line, you can call the Samaritans or text the Crisis text line.


Calm harm:

Password protected; this app supports individuals who are at risk of self-harming. There are different activity categories e.g. ‘express yourself’, ‘distract’ or ‘random’ but also any journal entries you write on the app, your most used activities so you know which activities are preferable for you and a self-monitoring button which shows different activities you can participated in. If you have an activity you think will help others, you can suggest it too.


Too good to go:

This app shows food providers near you with the aim of giving away left-over food at a cheaper price.



Need to see a doctor but don’t want to wait for long? This app allows you to see the travel and wait time at hospital services near you as well as how many patients are waiting.



This app specialises in meditation. It offers different meditation types to aid sleep, focus on breathing and calm the mind.



This is an app which creates music to express how someone is feeling. You can store this music in a personal journal or send it to friends/family to show someone how you are feeling using music instead of words. Once you have selected your mood from: calm, struggling, longing, playful, clouded and gentle, you can add or take away other music effects.



This is an online course which helps to manage stress, anxiety and depression. It is an eight week course which is designed to do at your own pace.