How to Opt In

Instructions on how to become a member of the Students’ Union



1. Go to IT services, via


2. To sign in, click on ‘Sign in with UoN ADFS’, as shown:

Northamton IT Support Login

3. When you are logged in, click on ‘Log a Ticket’, as shown:

Northamton IT Area Select

4. This will take you to the option to become a member of the SU. Click on the image that says ‘Students’ Union Opt In’, as shown:

Northamton IT Uni Area Selection

5. A button will then appear, click on ‘request’, as shown:

Northamton IT Request Ticket

6. The following page will appear – make sure to tick the box next to ‘check to opt in’, then click ‘review and submit’, as shown:

Northamton IT Opt In to the Student Union

7. You will then need to one more time click ‘submit’ one more time.

8. You will receive an email confirmation to state your request has gone through. Once this is your request has been completed, you will receive an additional email to notify you of this.



Logging into the Students’ Union




1. If the message reads the following:


Northamton Student Union Login Error

Try one of the following steps:

a. Open an Incognito Tab and attempt to log in

b. Use a different browser you haven’t tried to log in with before (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)

a. Go into your browser’s history section and clear the Cookies and other site data for the last 4 weeks/All Time

2. Try logging in again. If this doesn’t work, fill out the form on the URL: