Study Termination and Appeals

Study Termination and Appeal

Termination due to academic failure refers to students who are not permitted to continue on their programme of study.


Students must withdraw from further study, having exhausted all opportunities for reassessment.


Can I make an appeal against termination?

Students have the right of appeal against the termination decision under the University’s Termination Appeal Policy. If you think you have valid reasons for an appeal, then you should complete and submit the Termination Appeal Form within two weeks of the date of your termination letter.


What grounds can I use as the basis for an appeal?

There is only one reason on which you can base an appeal against termination for academic failure: that is, Mitigating Circumstances which were not known at the time the termination decision was made. You will need to show that the circumstances are relevant to the failed assessment(s). Appropriate documentary evidence must be provided, along with an explanation of why the matter was not raised earlier under the Mitigating Circumstances Policy.

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