The Student Union’s Advice Service can be found in the Engine Shed on Waterside Campus. They are available Monday to Friday for information, advice, guidance and support to students on a wide range of issues that you may have at University. The service is free and everything discussed is confidential. We are completely independent from the University.  The Advice team are also able to make recommendations to Sabbatical officers about the union on any University policies or procedures they think could be improved. The officers can then approach the university to discuss and recommend changes. 


Yuanting (Vice President Welfare & Activities) works alongside the Advice team to discuss student cases and provide guidance about the next best steps, this could be signposting, referrals or attending a hearing at the University. Discussing both academic and welfare options together helps to find the most suitable solution for each student. As well as academic advice, we provide advice on housing, self-care, work-life balance and also financial help. The Emergency Hardship Fund is available for all students to apply for which gives students up to £50 when they are in a crisis. You can access this fund once every academic year. 

The Student Advice Services weekly structure can be like the one below to give you an idea of the support they offer students. 

   Morning:  Meet with a student who wishes to change their course, talk to them about their options and how they can do this.  
    Afternoon: Work at the drop in in the Learning Hub, students come to ask about the Students’ Union, job roles and other volunteering opportunities.

Morning: Attend an Academic Misconduct meeting with a student, supporting them on the process.
Afternoon: Work on the Learning Hub drop-in stand, answer queries on everything from financial support to what events are happening in Northampton on the weekend.


Morning: A student meets with the team to discuss the issues they are having with their accommodation, discuss their options with them and where they can look for a new room.
Afternoon:  Attend a disciplinary meeting with a student who has had a complaint made about them.


Morning: A student drops In with concerns about meeting their deadline, we talk about mitigating circumstances procedure and the team support them whilst they write their application for this.
Afternoon: Attend a meeting with a student and their lecturers about the issues they are having with their course, discuss ways the student can be supported to succeed.


Morning:  Attend an appeal hearing with a student, ensure the student is fully prepared and has their evidence, notes and understands the process for this.
Afternoon: The academic advisor will email their caseload, offering further advice and guidance to those students already engaged with the service.

If you are a student, and have any questions about anything to do with your university life, please get in touch!

Email – [email protected]