Welfare, Advice and Support

Welfare, Advice and Support

The Student Union’s Welfare Support and Advice Team can usually be found in the Engine Shed on Waterside Campus. We are completely independent from the University and anything you discuss with us is confidential. We are available Monday to Friday for information, advice, guidance and support to students on a wide range of issues that you may have at University including housing, self-care, work-life balance and also financial help.

Should you wish to speak to one of the team you are able to book a 30 minute call with us so we can understand a bit more about you and what you need; schedule a call with us.

Should you need some immediate financial support all students can access the Honesty Pot this is a small fund support by the University, Union and Students and is available for all students to apply to. It can give students up to £50 (please note this is a payment on your behalf or a voucher, you will not receive a bank transfer or similar) when they are in a crisis. You can access this fund once every academic year.

The Welfare, Advice and Support team work closely with other University services to ensure you are getting the right support, in the best possible way. We are also able to make recommendations to the University and the Student's Union Sabbatical officers on any University policies or procedures that we think could and should be improved; to ensure you have the best possible student experience. We support all officers, volunteers and students in lobbying the University for positive changes in policy and procedure. 


Yuanting (Vice President Welfare & Activities) works alongside the Advice team to discuss student cases and provide guidance about the next best steps, this could be signposting, referrals or attending a hearing at the University. 

If you are a student, and have any questions about anything to do with your university life, please get in touch!

Schedule a call with us.

Email – [email protected]

WhatsApp - 07585 677543