Get Support

The Students’ Union provides independent support for students in a variety of ways including academic, welfare and from the Sabbatical team, officers who work together and implement positive change.

Academic advice is just one of the ways you can get support at the Students’ Union. From termination to academic appeals, our academic advisor is there to help you. In one of the friendly, private offices, our academic advisor is on hand to get you back on track and signpost you to additional services where necessary.

The elected Sabbatical team are also on hand to offer advice. Being experts in their field, they are here to represent students views, listen to ideas and help with student-led projects. As well as working hard to campaign and implement change, they are there to support students because they have been students themselves so can empathise with some tough times that come with the University experience.

Most of the Students’ Union staff are mental health trained and three out of the five sabbatical officers are too. Any information you tell us remains confidential unless someone is a danger to themselves or others.

Please feel free to contact the advice email on: [email protected] if you would like to get some support from the SU.