Start a New Student Group


Start a New Student Group

As your Students' Union, we are here to make sure that you have the best possible time whilst at University. So, if there is a student group you're looking for that we don't currently offer, we can help you set one up! Simply follow the four steps below.


Step 1: Submit Proposal and Draft Constitution

Fill in either the Society Proposal Form or Sports Club Proposal Form to set up a new group. This is a summary of what your student group will be about.

You will need:

  • Three Committee members (President, Secretary and Treasurer, plus any additional Committee roles you might wish to include);
    • The President leads the vision, planning and development of the group. They need to be able to work with a diverse range of students, delegate effectively and communicate clearly.

    • The Treasurer is in charge of the group's finances; they need to have basic numeracy skills and be able to work in a team to ensure the group is able to carry out the activities they want.

    • The Secretary needs to be organised, be enthusiastic in contacting people and respond to correspondence quickly.

  • Three other general Members.


You will also be asked to summarise the aims, objectives and principal activities of what your proposed student group would undertake, in addition to providing some basic contact information (which will be used for the purposes of setting up your group).

Also, complete either the Society Draft Constitution or Sports Club Draft Constitution, ready to upload to the Proposal Form. Additionally, in the Proposal Form, you will be asked to give times you can meet regarding Step 2.


Step 2: Meet with Your Coordinator

In your Proposal Form, you will be asked to provide three dates that you and your Committee are available to meet your relevant coordinator (Societies or Sports Coordinator). Once submitted, your coordinator will be in touch to arrange a meeting at a time which suits everyone.

The purpose of this first meeting is to strengthen your Proposal and Constitution. Moreover, we will establish whether your student group might already exist within the Students' Union and determine whether it is in keeping with the values of the Students' Union.

It is compulsory for the President, Secretary and Treasurer to attend, but other Members are welcome too.


Step 3: Submit the Promotion Form

Once you have met with your coordinator and finalised your Constitution, you will then need to submit a completed Society Promotion Form or Sports Club Promotion Form, so that your group can be promoted in different media to both prospective and current students.


Step 4: Be Ratified

The final step is to be ratified (approved) at a meeting of either the Societies Committee or Athletic Union (AU) Committee. The President needs to introduce the student group and explain why they should be allowed to affiliate to the Students' Union. Other Committee Members are welcome to attend.

Once ratified, you can:

  • Join your group's website page;
  • Start booking rooms;
  • Get training for the Committee;
  • Submit a development plan and risk assessments;
  • Learn how to use Sage to handle your finances;
  • Promote your group, as well as events/training times.


Any Questions?

You can find more information, for example, in our Starting a New Society policy. But if you have any further questions, why not visit the Engine Shed on Waterside Campus and talk to your relevant coordinator. You can also get in touch by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].