Societies Clothing


Societies Clothing

Personal Society Clothing/Merchandise

Society clothing and stash is not funded by the Students' Union, as it is a personal item that students take home and keep. However, we do facilitate ordering and payments through the use of ticket sales for items. We recommend that you use Yazzoo for clothing items – please go to their website for ordering.

Note: You must have the money already in your Society account for you to order personal items. You cannot use Students' Union money to pay for the stash in advance and then sell this on afterwards.


Non-Personal Clothing/Merchandise

Non-personal items that are used for promoting the Society, but are returned to the group after each use, may be funded, but only a limited number.

All clothing and stash must have the Students' Union's Societies Logo on it. Please see our Society Clothing and Merchandise Procedure for more information.