Society Awards

The Society Awards 2020 will be held on Friday 3rd April 2020 at The Platform Club and is a celebration of all our societies and the hard work committees put in throughout the year. 

The awards are a chance for any student or staff to let us know who has done an outstanding job in leading a society this year; or nominate an event or group that has been amazing so ensure you are working hard!  

Please nominate through this link

The AWARDS are as follows:

Most Improved Society 2019/20

Society Event of the Year 2019/20

Best Society 2019/20: Cultural, International and Faith

Best Society 2019/20: Arts and Recreational

Best Society 2019/20: Academic, Representation and Campaign

Best Society 2019/20: Volunteering and Enterprise 

Society Committee member of the Year 2019/20

Society Personality of the Year 2019/20

Outstanding Contribution in 2019/20

Due to COVID-19 the winners of the Society Awards were celebrated and announced online, you can view the video here on our Facebook page. 

Alternatively for a full list of all the winners please click here