Faculty Advocates


Faculty Advocates

What are Faculty Advocates?

Faculty Advocates are students who are elected to represent students in their Faculty and lobby the University. They are responsible for creating change on campus and providing insight of the student experience to high-level university meetings. Being a Faculty Advocate is a fantastic opportunity to lead students in your Faculty. Check out the Faculty Advocate job description for more information.


Your Faculty Advocates

Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology (FAST)
  • Azim Miah
  • Ektaa Vadgama
  • Emily Taylor-Kaneen


Faculty of Business and Law (FBL)
  • Katerina Nurcellari
  • Chikaelo Enwelum
  • Llnnall Emanuel Ayre
Faculty of Health, Education and Society (FHS)
  • Sam Dorywala 
  • Louise Elizabeth Dowson
  • Beth Garrett


Faculty Level for Joint Honours (JH)
  • Beverly Adams
  • Tamara Holt
  • Lillian Foryoh


Faculty Advocate Elections

Faculty Advocates are elected in the second term during our main Students' Union Elections. They are elected across campus, meaning that any student can vote for them. If you are interested in becoming a Faculty Advocate, then make sure to put your name forward during our nominations period! We also run By-Elections to cover positions that may not be filled in our regular Elections. Visit our Elections page for more information.