the Platform Club - Nights


Sunday 20th September

Wear white to glow BRIGHT! 

(Please note: This is NOT a paint party, no paint will be sprayed at people, if you wish to wear neon face paint please apply before arrival)

Ticket prices are £4 per person. 

Entry without a ticket will not be permitted. We have table booking available for 4 - 6 people. Once you have purchased your tickets for your group an email will be sent to your inbox within 24 hours for Names and Contact details of your party. 

Due to social distancing measures in place capacity will be limited so they only way to guarantee entry is with an advance group ticket! Please read our guidelines and terms and conditions carefully before your visit to ensure everyone stays safe. 

Terms and Conditions 


the Platform Club - Nights image

the Platform Club - Nights

9:00pm, Platform



the Platform Club - Nights

9:00pm, Platform


Date: 20, Sep, 2020

Time: 9:00pm


Phone: 01604 892 818

Email: [email protected]

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