Course Advocates


Course Advocates

What are Course Advocates?

Most courses will have at least one Course Advocate who will be the first line of student representation within the University. Course Advocates are fundamental in ensuring the student voice is not only heard, but acted on as well! Course Advocates are the link between those on their course and the university. If there are things that students want to see improved on their course, Course Advocates communicate their views to programme leaders and lecturers. This is important so that changes can be made to your course! Being a Course Advocate is a fantastic opportunity to represent other students and play a key role in improving your course and your subject area.


Why Should I become a Course Advocate?

Any student can put themselves forward to become a Course Advocate. You should consider becoming a Course Advocate if you want to help create positive change to the student experience at the University of Northampton. Are looking to boost your employability or personal development? Are you looking to try something new? Being a Course Advocate will definitely be for you .


If you are interested in becoming a Course Advocate, please email [email protected] to register your interest.

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