Marketing & Communications


Marketing & Communications

The Brand

The Students' Union's brand and its sub-brands (such as Northampton Student Sport) are made up of more than just their logos. A brand is a sense of feeling towards an organisation and is created through visual elements including fonts, colours, shapes, and style of photography, in addition to non-visual elements including the tone of voice in their communications.


Our student groups are an integral part of the Students' Union's brand – as ambassadors of the Union and creators of communications content (for example, social media posts and posters).


To ensure consistency across all of our groups, the Students' Union has a set of Brand Guidelines. These apply to all communications, materials and media. Adherence to these guidelines is a condition of any and all funding from the Students' Union. You should also be aware that there are separate guidelines for Societies and Sports.

When producing artwork, you must only use the logo relevant to your group – whether that be for Societies or Sports . Alternative versions (in different colours) are also available – if required, just get in touch with your coordinator. 


Social Media

Social media is a popular and effective method of communicating with prospective students, current members and alumni and, as such, can substantially reflect opinion towards your student group and the Students' Union as a whole. To ensure Committee Members use social media appropriately, please consult our Social Media Policy.


Media & Press

Students might be contacted by members of the media or press for a number of reasons. To ensure efforts for publicity are maximised and any risk to reputation is managed appropriately, all such requests (including those for photography) should be immediately referred to the Students' Union's Head of Charitable Services. This process, alongside tips on how to respond to such enquiries, are summarised in our Media & Press Policy.