Adopt a Charity


Adopt a Charity

Adopt a Charity is a project where Northampton Student Sports Clubs and Societies can fundraise for a great cause.

As Committee Members, you can pick one charity at the start of the year, and then focus your fundraising events to raise as much money for that organisation as you can! Moreover, you can (providing the charity agrees) split the funds between yourself and your chosen charity.

But Adopt a Charity is not just for Clubs and Societies – you can also do it as an individual, or among:

  • Friends;
  • Student Representatives;
  • Course mates;
  • Course project groups;
  • Any other combination!

To get involved, here is what you have to do:


Step 1: Decide on a charity

  • Think about which type of charity you wish to fundraise for – if you are looking for ideas, check out our handy brochure;
  • Research your charity and check their status;
  • Do they have a registered charity number? If not, speak to us before you start.


Step 2: Contact the charity

  • Write to the charity asking for their permission to fundraise for them by using this form;
  • Make sure to get answers to the following questions:
    • Will they be willing to split funds raised with you, and what will the split be?
    • Will you be able to use their logo on all marketing materials (and, if so, for a logo template with brand guidelines to be sent across)?
    • Are they able to support you with any fundraising materials?
    • To whom should cheques be made payable?


Step 3: Let the Students' Union know

  • Once you have written permission to fundraise, please send the letter to either [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Make sure we have the answers to the questions in Step 2.


Step 4: Start planning and fundraising


Step 5: Make your donations

  • All money should be paid in to the Engine Shed Reception, so we can count it;
  • Never open a charity tin which has been sealed – Union staff will do this just before the money is counted. We always like a representative from the fundraising group (or the individual) present;
  • We put all funds through the RAG account, and then write the cheque to post to the charity.

If you are splitting the money, we still put the funds through the RAG account, and then do an internal transfer into your group account.