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About UoN Computing


About UoN Computing

The Computing Society aims to bring together students interested in computing and to provide as much insight into the industry as possible by giving its members the opportunity to network with potential clients and employers. We believe that a sense of belonging, of growing together is what makes the whole university experience 100 times more memorable. We hope that by joining our society you will lay the foundation for a path of smooth development both as a professional and an individual. Get a head start on your career by attending all these cool events! 


What are we up to? Our calendar is already looking busy. Social events such as the upcoming talks of the Employability Night are at the core of what we aim to offer. Further on, we hope to support our keen coders into the Changing Futures Week Coding Challenge. But when we are not too serious, you can find us celebrating in our long-established tradition of Christmas Quizzes and Fun. Just hop on! Join up! And bring your laptop! 



The Computing Society is now under fresh management! We are Georgia, John, Adriana, Carl and Laura, and with the amazing support of Dr Mark Johnson we really hope to make this year memorable! We would love to have our members involved as much as possible, so feel free to contact us via email or FB! We look forward to meeting everyone and start creating some great memories!




Upcoming Event 

Employability Night

Come join us at our next event! CS Employability Night continues to be successful with its 8th annual evening. It is an entertaining and informative gathering of fine speeches delivered by University of Northampton alumni/graduates. A prime opportunity to boost your career plans and extend your social network!
Get ahead in the game! Get inside tips about Uni and Graduate Careers from those who have been there!


WHEN?  15th November

WHERE? SN101, Senate, Waterside Campus

And join us afterwards at the Cordwainer in Town Centre ;)


Find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/714400835704966/


PS: Keep an eye out for our Christmas Party! Coming soon, ducks involved! 




Email [email protected]

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/uoncomputingsociety/